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It’s Showtime!

By: Tom Kelley

Custom trucks compete for recognition Now that winter has finally released its icy grip from most of the country, the show truck season is up and running. The 75 Chrome... read more »

Barr-Nunn unveils additional pay enhancements

By: Alice Deters

Barr-Nunn Transportation has once again announced new pay enhancements for its drivers. This announcement comes on the heels of two sets of enhancements announced by the company in February and... read more »

Samaritan Trucker Saves Motorist

By: Tom Kelley

The results could have been catastrophic when a motorist suffered a medical emergency while driving in Arlington, Washington earlier this year. Fortunately, truck driver Robert Tyler spotted the situation and... read more »

ATRI find fault with FMCSA study

By: Brooke Wisdom

The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) has taken on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's (FMCSA) field study on the new hours of service (HOS) rules and found it to... read more »

Downtime Diversions | Juneau launches “Space Trucker”

By: Jessica Holt

Anton Doiron's "feature length science fiction film" is calledSpace Trucker Bruceand takes place in 2067 where common folk work not only on Earth, but also in space and anywhere in... read more »

The Heat Is On

By: Tom Kelley

With frost warnings still fresh in our memories, it might be tough to start worrying about heat, but summer is right around the corner. While you start wondering where to... read more »

Timing Could Be Off For New Trucks

By: Tom Kelley

Delayed Truck Replacement Schedules May Impact Carriers As Economy Recovers Even though not much is certain in today's world, two things can be counted on as winter releases its icy... read more »

Loyalty Cards – You Gotta Love ’em

By: Becca Allison

Keychains crowd and wallets bulge with those colorful, individual plastic loyalty cards that each and every store gives out these days. You gotta love them, because they don't seem to... read more »

Campaign launched to boost trucking industry image

By: Brooke Wisdom

A new campaign to boost the image of the trucking industry was officially launched by the American Trucking Associations (ATA) at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Ky., March 26.... read more »

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